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Maluma (Persea Americana Mill. cv. 'Maluma') is a commercial cultivar of avocado that was discovered in South Africa. It is marketed simply as 'Maluma', but sometimes also as 'Maluma Hass' referring to its similarity in appearance to the well-known Hass cultivar. Its name originated from the fact that it was discovered by Mr. Dries Joubert, a farmer from Levubu in South Africa, on his farm 'Maluma'. Maluma is considered a large fruit with individual fruit weights ranging from 150 gram to 400 gram, with most fruit being in the 250 to 300 gram range. It is known as a black-skinned avocado cultivar due to the dark purple-black colour of the skin when ripe.

  1. Maluma - Felices los 4 (Official Video) Mp3
  2. Duration: 4:51

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  4. Duration: 4:02

  5. Maluma - Corazón (Official Video) ft. Nego do Borel Mp3
  6. Duration: 3:35

  7. Maluma - El Préstamo (Official Video) Mp3
  8. Duration: 4:52

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  10. Duration: 3:20